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Job Title: Software Engineer(Chief Technology Officer)
Date Posted: March 11, 2017
Reference Number: #101
Agency / Company Name: Enterprise Software Company
City: Ukiah
County / State: CA
Country: United States
Postal Code:
Description: Software company start-up seeks a Software Developer/Engineer Business Partner Become a business partner with an exciting, leading edge Human Resource Software Company (SAAS); where you can grow and innovate from the ground up, to develop new products for Medium-Large business enterprises. Transition to Lead Software Developer.

-The Software Engineer will assure the successful execution of the company’s business mission through development and deployment of key technology innovation.
-The Software Engineer will lead and work closely with the CEO of overall strategy vision of the department, and will be instrumental in guiding the future of the company.
-The Software Developer will strengthen the relationship between IT and the business, and promote project management culture throughout the company.
-Design and implement new innovative IT/Software Products to support the needs of our customers and insure scalability.
-The Lead Software Developer will be responsible of the day to day operations of running the engineering department, hire, mentor, terminate others, and making good judgment decisions.-Provide a technology vision and leadership role in the development and implementation of IT/Software products, services, and other for our external and internal clients.
-Lead the technology department that builds and delivers solutions, therefore, generating revenue. -Partner with client facing team to assess and recommend technologies that support the business and client needs.
-Facilitate the alignment of corporate business and information technology strategies and plans, and ensure the timely execution of strategies.
-Ensure that technology standards and best practices are maintained across the organization. -Maintain a leadership role in setting service direction, and ensure standards and policies are maintained and compatible with standards.

Information Technology Developer
Software Developer/Engineer, transitioning to Lead
Full background check is required! Education, Employment, etc.

-Must be able to take an idea to a tangible demonstration, and be able to define the problem!·
-BS Degree or MS Degree (Preferred) in Computer Science/Engineering from an Accredited Institution.
-Must be able to think outside of the box!
-Have a "Think Big Attitude"
-Team Player, with strong leadership skills, mentor, recruiter, and people person!
-Expert knowledge with LINUX and UNIX operating systems.
-Extensive experience with C and C++ in a Linux environment.
-Expert in developing Software products from scratch!·
-Take creative measures to cut costs for Product and Development Department.
-Have relentlessly high standards, and never satisfied with the status quo!
-Detail oriented, precision engineering, no room for error!
-Excellent judgment/Leadership, Communication skills, and Problem solver·
-Strong work ethic, with little supervision·
-Easy to work with, takes criticism well, and gets along well with others.
-Bring a deep understanding of the IT/Software field, and proven track record of achieving products to market on time!
-Risk taker, willing to take chances to advance technology innovation.
-Be a leader of engineering and operational excellence: establish metrics of measurement of engineering and operational excellence, and a process of assessment and improvement.
-Ability to lead IT managers and/or architects and developers with multiple competing priorities in a fast paced environment.
The Candidate that is selected will either telecommute or work on site at a location that will be determined later!
The Candidate will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and an Intellectual Property Agreement

Salary: Equity
Education: BS Degree or MS Degree (Preferred) in Comp. Sci.
Job Type: Full time
Category: Information Technolo
Experience: 3-5 Years in software development role
Home Based or Virtual Position: No

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