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Algorithm Developer – Engineer

We are looking for an experienced algorithm developer to come on board to lead development of technology that will play an important role in how people will find jobs in the future. Our international team gets along very well and we are excited about meeting the right person to join us.

This technology comes on the heels of two years of research and development at University of Cambridge. You will need to have the flexibility to spend some time in both the UK and the US but we are flexible and sensitive to family and other needs that you might have so your permanent location can be discussed during interviews.

Some of the preliminary work has been based on the following but you will lead the development of patentable algorithm design and implementation.

Bi-directional unified model for information retrieval

Probabilistic Group Recommendation via Information Matching

Unified Relevance Retrieval Models using Eliteness Hypothesis

Supervised and/or Unsupervised Dependency Parsers

Semantic Clustering

API Development


It’s essential that you be able to work in a startup. If you aren’t sure if you can or not, that’s fine. We can help sort this out with you. You will need to understand that just because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should do something. And that sometimes testing will tell us we need to take things a bit slower.

But you will also need to have the desire and capacity to think 12 moves ahead because we are building a platform for a competitive marketplace and we have to be the best…not just good…the best.


We do not believe in micro-management and we take care of the people who join us. Flexible schedules are part of our culture and our team enjoys the freedom of spending time with their families. Everyone begins with a trial period and then they are able to participate in equity of the company. We are in our first funding round currently and have a nice compensation package built for this role.

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