Backend Node.js Developer

Orlando, Florida NeoReach

A backend developer must write REST compliant APIs to interface with our MongoDB database. These APIs are written in Node using Express for routing and Mongoose as the ORM / ODM layer to the database. Other frameworks, like JS-Schema, are used for validation of incoming parameters.

This developer must assist the rest of the backend team to determine the database structure, the parameters accepted by APIs, and the returned response from APIs. They must also assist in looking for inconsistencies and security holes from the APIs.


* Have 2 years of experience in Node.js
* Have 3 years experience with backend development.
* Have 1 year experience with Express or Express-like framework.
* Have 1 year experience with MongoDB / Mongoose.
* Know REST standards.
* Know MVC.
* Understand ActiveRecord style ORMs / ODMs.
* Very organized and consistent coding style.
* Very good understanding of separation of concerns.
* Very good communication skills. Ability to clearly convey intention about code.
* Ability to go in and out of "the zone" quickly. Meaning can be programming, is asked a question, answers the question, and begins programing again without needing to spend time preparing.
* Ability to explain code in an easy to understand manner.
* Ability to understand long term cause and effect of coding choices.
* Ability to work independently.
* Constantly learning new tools and technology.

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