DevOps Engineer

Thesys Technologies LLC

Thesys Technologies is a high performance financial tech company with aggressive plans to push the envelope of US trading technology in the coming years.

Formed in 2009, our technology already handles approximately 5% of the daily volume in US & Canadian equities on the back of our ultra low latency HFT offering and our advanced gateway technology for Broker-Dealers. We are now building from our core strength in HFT trading tech to expand into new areas where we feel our edge holds strong, including exchange/matching engine technology, hardware accelerated data feeds and gateways, regulatory technology, and financial Big Data plays.

Our core infrastructure has been built under the guidance of extremely experienced high frequency technologists, traders, and networking engineers. Our clients rank amongst the best traders, globally, in any asset class. In addition, Thesys and our parent company, Tradeworx, have been extensively covered in media outlets as far ranging as 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and The Financial Times and have been highlighted in case studies by Amazon and Intel Corp.

Given the breadth of our ambitions, the technology work we provide is highly diversified, cutting-edge, challenging, and extremely broad in terms of the exposure it generates for employees. In other words, there is a lot that you get to see and do, depending on how much you can handle. We need players on our team who can adapt to a very rapidly changing environment, take on outsized roles and responsibilities, maintain strong interpersonal relationships, and help build our vision out further.

We are looking for a self-motivated contributor who is passionate about supporting and building high-quality tools. The role involves combining cutting-edge open source and proprietary technology to support back-end systems written in C++ and front-end systems using Angular and NodeJS, improve supporting tools and infrastructure, create fast C++ build systems, and improve workflows.


* Monitoring systems for issues in real-time, responding to them as they occur, and working proactively to minimize future issues
* Supporting and improving daily processes such as testing, backup, and deployment
* Handling support requests from clients in support of both production and test systems
* Establishing and improving infrastructure in support of production, test, and development systems
* Using dynamic programming languages, such as Ruby, NodeJS, Lua, and Python, to architect, implement and integrate build software and productivity tools
* Proactively assisting other developers in diagnosing and solving issues with development and build environments


* A bachelors degree from a top-tier college or university
* Extremely strong working knowledge of the Linux operating system, including basic system administration
* Experience with Git, Redmine, Puppet, Jenkins, Nagios, OpenLDAP, BIND, collectd, Graphite, GNU make, Docker, Hypertable, and other Open Source software
* Strong working knowledge of building C++ software and expertise in scripting languages, such as Bash and Ruby
* Strong programming skills, including experience with development in dynamic programming languages, strong knowledge of Ruby and/or JavaScript, and knowledge of the C++ compiler and linker
* Proactive with a high attention to detail and ability to multitask effectively
* Financial Experience is NOT required


Excellent compensation, with tremendous long-term earnings potential.

Ability to join one of the premier financial technology firms in the space of high frequency trading.

Ability to interact with highly talented and experienced professionals in a casual yet academic environment.
Ability to join a rapidly growing firm and have an outsized impact.

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