Digital Project Manager

Cincinnati, Ohio Relequint


The Digital Project Manager role is a pivotal position within Relequints organization, responsible for the coordination and execution of the deliverables of our inbound marketing accounts.

In so doing, the Digital Project Manager contributes to the successful delivery of a remarkable client experience and, ultimately, to the achievement of a clients business goals.

We are looking for a take-charge, enthusiastic, detail-oriented individual with a strong sense of urgency to work closely with our strategy and production teams to ensure on-time and flawless delivery of services.

You will be responsible for:

* Coordinating the completion of all projects;
* Overseeing all aspects of projects;
* Setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring and summarizing progress and budgets of projects;
* Preparing reports for management regarding status of project;
* Leading project scheduling and assigning the work to others.

A bachelors degree and agency experience are strongly preferred.



* You have no problem following up with someone 15 times until the job gets done.
* You have excessive attention to detail . (Did you catch the space there before the period?)
* You cant get things done quickly enough. Urgency is your philosophy. Most things in life go too slowly for your comfort.
* You dont wait to hear back from someone or get notifications you take steps to find out for yourself. You dont wait for instruction before taking action.
* You dont keep people in the dark, and you understand different ways to communicate the right amount of information at the right time to the right people.
* You love learning and growing. You hate sacrificing productivity by following bad processes just because thats the way its always been done. You dont hesitate to speak up and take action to fix things.
* You regularly look at the big picture and then go down in the weeds within multiple ongoing projects, quickly reorganizing and reprioritizing when necessary to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.
* You dont get overwhelmed no matter how much gets thrown at you; in fact, you thrive on it.
* You create clarity out of chaos for the entire team.
* You like to be surrounded by other A-players and you thrive on the excellence delivered by yourself and your team pushing everyone to do their best work.
* Youve been around the block a few times and have ideas and opinions on how things could work better, and you arent afraid to voice them. You want to create a more productive process to deliver more efficient results.
* You love systems and accountability and not keeping everything in your head.
* Youre energized by a dynamic work environment that is ever-changing and growing, starting with a small team.
* Youve done your time in academia (Bachelors degree) and in the real world (two to five years of agency experience). You value education and have a natural curiosity and wonder about the world. You will never stop learning.
* You understand terms like Agile, Sprint, Waterfall, Scrum, Gantt, etc.
* You care about making a difference over simply clocking in and clocking out. You recognize the profound effects of our work and how youre able to help change the world for us and our clients (and not just Google rankings).
* You thrive in both focused individual work to solve difficult challenges and collaborative team environments to get things done that are bigger than yourself. You recognize your role in the success of our teams.
* You understand how the digital marketing puzzle works from both a high level process and at a granular level to drive performance for our clients. SEO, PPC, SQL, and INBOUND all mean something to you.
* You understand and appreciate how integrated technology makes not only your personal life but also your business life better and more productive (i.e. you love Apple).
* From interns to the CEO, you feel comfortable managing up the ladder as well as down to ensure the company and client accounts run smoothly.



Relequint is a full-service digital agency providing inbound marketing for business-to-business clients seeking sales qualified leads. Relequint focuses on creating content for the customers you want through research, blog marketing and social media, increasing the number of sales qualified lead conversions to grow your business. We confirm what works and what doesnt work in your social communities using analytics to identify successful lead conversions and then modify the process by implementing new inbound workflows and formulas, providing a consistent return on investment. Relequint recognizes the importance of maintaining brand integrity throughout the content marketing process.


* Flexible schedule and office environment
* Entrepreneurial culture
* Relaxed but professional atmosphere
* Flexible vacation
* Health insurance & benefits

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