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Information Architect, UX Researcher and UI Designer (Web Development)

PINT is looking for exemplary candidates to join our team in the field of User Experience Design, Interaction Design and User Research. PINT practices a thorough web and software development process oriented around gathering, interpreting and representing user data both in our internal work and on behalf of our clients’ projects. Our projects range from individual marketing and e-commerce website initiatives to large-scale, enterprise software projects with users around the world.

PINT is a web-centric bunch of designers, developers, engineers, managers and marketers focused on building and launching projects that push the limits of current tech and innovate on industry-standard practices. This often means that we’re redefining or reassessing products and projects, and the right candidate will be comfortable with changing requirements and will offer their professional opinions on process. If you appreciate the freedom to make meaningful decisions and have (or want to build!) the confidence to assert your well-considered ideas, this could be the role for you.

Job Description / Responsibilities

* Work with senior staff, clients, stakeholders and users to discover and develop client requirements for web projects
* Employ and facilitate various user research methodologies including surveys, interviews, observations, etc.
* Perform business process analyses
* Perform heuristic analysis of websites and web applications providing recommendations for enhancement
* Help develop scenarios, use cases, workflow processes and system requirements
* Help define and iteratively refine user interface (UI) designs
* Create and maintain requirements documents (functional specifications, site maps, wireframes, storyboards, flowcharts)
* Facilitate user acceptance and validation of the above-mentioned deliverables


* Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (CogSci, HCI, etc) or equivalent experience (3+ years)
* 1+ year(s) experience using the above skills in a Web design/development context
* Formal training, coursework and/or certification in one or more of the following fields: Human Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Human Factors Engineering, User Centered Design, Business Process Analysis/Engineering
* Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to craft and deliver presentations, solutions and project deliverables
* Familiarity with common prototyping/wireframing tools
* Sketch and Adobe CS/CC skill set is a major plus
* Working knowledge of client-side Web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
* Web development training/certification a plus

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