Information Systems Analyst – Division of Supervision and Regulation

District of Columbia Federal Reserve Board of Governors

The Information Systems Analyst is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of complex automated distributed systems essential to carrying out the responsibilities and daily activities of Division or Board staff. The Analyst uses initiative and resourcefulness in solving unusual problems and in developing new procedures. Requires technical proficiency in several distributed software and hardware systems, including one or more network or mainframe operating systems and one or more high-level programming languages; analysis and system design experience, or network design and configuration. Understands the interrelationships among systems. Experienced in problem diagnosis and resolution. Able to communicate technical concepts in nontechnical language. Possesses strong oral and written communications and interpersonal skills. The full-performance analyst should be well along in developing an area of expertise in computing, systems programming, automation, or database management. Requires a Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience, and three years (FR-25), five years (FR-26) or seven years (FR-27) of specific experience. Remarks: This position requires the following: * additional knowledge of information technology, specific to data-security and access-management * an understanding of emerging technologies and its importance towards furthering the effectiveness of access-management automation needs The ideal candidate will have experience with .NET and Sharepoint Travel Percentage: 10 – 15% Full-time teleworkers may be accommodated.

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