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Machine Learning Algorithm Developer Engineer

We are looking for a brilliant mind to join our team, working on solving very real and important problems. You will take a leadership role in our algorithm team to develop machine learning and behavior matching with respect to jobs, culture, work environments and much more.

Our R&D office is at University of Cambridge, England but our founder is opening the US office in Austin and you will be working with the US team and our CTO (also American) via comms back in England. The time difference is something we will all need to discuss.

Although it is not required, you are likely to have one or more PhD’s on this topic and have successfully implemented the system in commercial uses.

Your area of work will be coordinated by our highly experienced CTO and you will work with an international team of people who have come together to build a great company, but more importantly, to solve a big, global problem.


Python or similar language

Experience with bi-directional unified model for information retrieval is a plus.

Parsing, semantic clustering and other understandings may be of use.

Past development with the use of support vector machines might also be good.

Ability to build stable RestAPI’s will be a small part of your work.


You will have the ability to work in the US. We can consider remote work for the ideal candidate. And you will have the ability to help build our algorithm and data sciences team.

Flexible work location and work hours are part of why great people join our company. Since we are a startup, pay will be a bit leaner for the first 12 months or so but we believe in paying loyal team members well.

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