Senior Network / Security Engineer (NE 3 Cross Domain Solutions)

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Kaizen Approach, Inc. is currently hiring for a Senior Network / Security Engineer to support a client in Columbia, MD. The candidate must be able to quickly understand the NetSec environment so that they can independently work on specific requirements from Cross Domain Solutions.


* Designs solutions, integrates, configures, deploys, tests and provides support for numerous types of network devices, interfaces and methodologies.
* Optimizes end-to-end system performance and dataflow management.
* Configures/optimizes network to connect to various front- and back-end components.
* Coordinates with system engineering and dataflow efforts to ensure proper mission operations with minimum down time.
* Facilitates implementation of high-speed, scalable, fault-tolerant network topologies as applicable to WAN/LAN design.
* Implements specific network solutions to support server requirements to include load-balancing, VPNs, firewall contexts, and network address translation (NAT) where appropriate.
* Minimizes network latency and maximizes data throughput through design analysis and network performance monitoring tools.
* Manages assigned tasks and provides guidance to junior Network Engineers.
* Validates new/existing dataflow and data formats.
* Coordinates with appropriate dataflow organizations and end-customer recipients, follow-on data repositories and tasking organizations and understands potential adverse impacts on system-wide dataflow.
* Designs, integrates, tests and deploys RF communications solutions.
* Leads large efforts of dynamic requirements and scale.
* Works with Systems Engineers and cross-organizational teams to define requirements.
* Resolves complex network problems, operate network analyzers, WAN test equipment and network simulators.
* Designs, implements, and evaluates security systems
* Contributes to security planning, assessment, risk analysis, and risk management
* Supports the Government in providing technical leadership to engineering teams
* Recommends corporate solutions to resolve security requirements
* Supports the Government in enforcement of design / implementation of trusted relationships among_ external systems and architectures_


* Twelve (12) years experience in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required.
* Bachelors degree in engineering from an accredited college or university is required.
* Four (4) years of additional network engineering experience may be substituted for a bachelors degree.
* Five (5) years experience with the following Network Tools; Whats Up Gold and NetFlow.
* Three years experience with DCID 6/3 and/or ICD 503, Intelligence Community Information Technology Systems Security Risk Management, Certification and Accreditation, dated 15 September 2008
* IAT Level II; Security+ certification
* Experience in one of the following technologies: DMVPN, Blue Coat product line, ASAs, HPNA, or General Firewalls.
* Three years experience creating firewall rule sets from analysis of network traffic
* Three years experience with component validation of security devices
* Three years experience integrating boundary solutions into customer networks
* Three years experience configuring switches, routers, and firewalls


Domain Area Requirements:

* Five (5) years demonstrated experience in Computer Network Operations, Protection Level (PL) 3 high/high solutions utilizing Layer 2 to Layer 7.
* Five (5) years experience with the following Network Tools; WhatsUp Gold and NetFlow.

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