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Senior Web Developer Full Stack Software Engineer


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We’re looking for a talented, motivated, smart individual with a passion for software engineering, a strong desire to learn and an interest in providing mentorship to junior level developers. This position is ideal for a seasoned software engineer who has worked on multiple challenging projects. We are especially looking someone who enjoys hacking outside of work as much as in; someone not afraid to write code to scratch an itch. We love technology and so should you.


Our backend tech stack is currently Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP and Memcached.

Our frontend tech stack includes Twig (php templates), Bootstrap 3, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3/SASS.


* You will develop end to end. You complete a product entirely on your own and push it to production.
* You will develop best practices and write clean, secure, readable, scalable code. OOP where appropriate.
* You will collaborate with other team members – engineers and others.
* You will integrate and build for external and internal API’s.
* You will develop new products in PHP and alter existing PHP code to accommodate scale and integration with new technologies and APIs.
* You will write and optimize MySQL queries and design schemas.
* You will create and code complex backend algorithms.
* You will profile and optimize new and legacy code.
* You will use CSS and Javascript to complete functionality of new products.
* You will be leveraging Bootstrap 3, jQuery HTML5, CSS3 and other open source technologies.
* You will always be thinking cross-device and cross-platform, mobile, tablet and desktop.
* You will ship often and fast. We keep an agile environment with continuous deployment.
* You will care and be involved in our product, mission, and success – way beyond checking off development tasks.
* You will enjoy great teamwork and lots of fun.


* You will NOT be bogged down by office politics, ego, or bad attitude. Only positive, pleasure-to-work-with people allowed here!
* You will NOT worry about ‘runway’, ‘cash left’, or ‘how much time we have until the next round’. We’re fully backed and funded, all the way to success.
* You will NOT be confined to engineering and coding. Have a thought or idea about how we do our product, marketing, business development, operation or customer support? Speak up! Get involved, initiate, own.
* You will NOT chase the latest most sophisticated technology just because it’s there. We love sexy technology but we love practical solutions that get the job done even more.
* You will NOT get yourself burned out. We work _hard_ but we believe in maintaining sustainable work/life balance. Really.


Must be able to legally work in the US.

Deep understanding of web development concepts and principles.

Example full-stack projects.

At least one major demonstrable project with front-end code, back-end code and database_._

Ability to design, develop and launch a web application from start to finish.

Ability to learn quickly and pick up new skills independently.

Get-things-done attitude with eagerness to build something great.

2+ years of experience in web development (any stack), solving challenging problems and implementing new features from scratch.

Familiar with web & SQL security best practices.

Comfortable working outside the context of a framework. Frameworks can help you get some things done more quickly, but we find it helpful if candidates are comfortable working outside of a framework so they have a good understanding of what is going on behind the scenes first.

Experience using git in a team environment.

Helpful, but not required:

* Work or internship experience in startups
* Experience with the LAMP/LEMP stack


* Building something that matters – loved by the people [********************************************************************* and admired by the press [*************************************************************************************************************
* Any piece of hardware or software that will you make you happy and productive
* Free daily catered lunches
* Office amenities like hammocks, massage chairs, and games
* Very competitive salary & equity compensation
* Full health, dental, vision
* 401k benefits
* Life insurance
* Awesome people to work with!

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