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Software Engineer

Software Engineer – Cogo Labs





Software Engineer

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Software Engineer

Cogo Labs

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Cogo Labs provides the companies we incubate with access to a centralized tech platform that they can use to bootstrap their businesses. We are looking for a Software Engineer who can help us further develop this platform, making it the best possible toolchain for running marketing campaigns and launching new websites. You’ll collaborate with and learn from experienced engineers while making contributions that directly impact the success and profitability of teams and companies that we’re building.

Our tech:

When it comes to bits and bytes, our guiding philosophy is that using the right tool for a job is more important than rigid adherence to any particular programming language or tech stack. From humble origins in Python (we still use Python to write quick prototypes and one-off scripts), the majority of our core systems have evolved into highly concurrent Golang services. We also use some embedded Lua and dabble with low level network protocols. RabbitMQ, Ledis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Amazon Redshift are some of our favorite data wrangling tools; Munin, Nagios, and Icinga keep us alerted when something’s going awry.

As a Software Engineer you will:

– Add new features to tools and services that support businesses under incubation.
– Streamline existing processes that are painful or time consuming.
– Upgrade existing systems to take advantage of new technologies.
– Support analysts who use your tools in production workflows.
– Build monitoring infrastructure that makes sure systems and campaigns are running smoothly.

Things that would help you succeed in this role:

– BA/BS in Computer Science preferred.
– Fluency with at least two programming languages.
– Familiarity with SQL and database design.
– Working knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS.
– Experience working with macOS or Linux development tools.
– A desire to work with and solve problems related to the warehousing of large data sets.
– Ability to thrive in an agile, team oriented environment.

About Cogo Labs:

– We’re a venture accelerator. We employ data-driven, analytical methodologies to create profitable web businesses.
– Our work is challenging and dynamic; our environment is fun and supportive.
– Our company is profitable and established. This means startup culture without startup anxiety.
– We offer competitive salaries and benefits, plus an equity share that actually means something.
– Our employees have lives outside of work. We are musicians, athletes, filmmakers, gamers, authors, and whatever you are.



Cogo LabsOne Kendall Square, Suite B2102,Cambridge, MA 02139

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