Systems Administrator 4 – One GA Center – IT Applications (PG O)

Ga. Dept. of Transportation

JOB SUMMARY: Under limited supervision, oversees the installation, configuration, and support to a local area network, wide area network, internet system, computers, desktops and/or mobile devices. Recommends equipment improvement or replacement. Serves as highest advanced level subject matter expert, providing authoritative guidance for professional staff. May also serve in a lead role. JOB SPECIFIC DUTIES: Under limited supervision, oversees the initiation, design, development, and implementation of IT Projects. Manages IT Project Management Team. Ensures IT Project deliverables are completed within scope, schedule, and allocated resources. Facilitates escalation and resolution of issues, risks, and changes. Ensures project delivery/results meet expectations. Serves as highest advanced level subject matter expert, providing authoritative guidance for professional staff. May also serve in a lead role. Responsibilities will include supervising all phases of system development and enhancement by directing, developing, and monitoring project work plans and schedules. Administers schedules within Primavera. Administers project document repositories and Project Management Team site/knowledgebase within SharePoint. Confirms schedules and reports are updated weekly. Conducts project reviews monthly. Meets 80% or higher of major milestones within finish dates each quarter. Actively baselines schedules at key milestones and realistically forecasts schedules to project end dates. Oversees customer and stakeholder communication. Evaluates for adequacy, and when necessary, supervises updates or alters existing systems to meet the customer’s current business requirements or to correct existing or potential problems. Creates and routes support tickets. Assigns tickets to staff within 1 business day and ensures work logs are updated. Oversees completion of post-deployment support, training, and reports. Facilitates Change Control Board (CCB) approval for bug fixes and version releases. Responsible for ensuring compliance to GDOT Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), guidelines, and policies. Reviews project management deliverables. Oversees and/or performs work in analyzing, designing, and maintaining hardware/software systems using agency standards. Prepares and reviews user and information systems documentation for the implementation and maintaining of new and/or modified systems. Meets with the agency’s/division’s computer systems and management information systems departments to communicate common goals and objectives for system development. Monitors, evaluates and assesses information system processes, procedures and technologies to improve efficiency and ensure quality. Knowledgeable on business/system processes and application functionality. May serve as an expert level trainer for internal staff. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS The selected candidate must meet the advertised minimum qualifications to include State Entry Qualifications as well as Agency Specific Minimum Qualifications STATE ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: * Bachelor’s degree in a related field from an accredited college or university AND Five years of related experience OR * Associate’s degree in a related field from an accredited college or university AND Seven years of related experience OR * Nine years of related experience OR * Two years of experience at the lower level Systems Administrator 3 (ITP042) or position equivalent. AGENCY MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Technical Competencies: * Extensive professional experience managing complex IT related projects or professional level IT personnel * Experience in one of the following areas: Project Management, Application Development, Web Development, Server Administration, Network Administration, Database Development/Administration or Software Engineering * Demonstrates strong leadership skills including competencies in training, planning, directing and evaluating the work of staff * Demonstrates strong leadership skills in building effective work teams * Demonstrates strong leadership skills in appropriately managing workforce diversity * Experienced in building effective work teams, developing teamwork, instilling cooperation, and effectively coordinating activities * Demonstrated ability to train, direct and evaluate team members * Ability to manage a diverse workforce, provide feedback, coach staff, and implement corrective action * Accepts responsibility for the team and their actions * Accepts accountability for the performance and quality of the IT system * Exercises judgment in decision making and experienced in developing viable solutions within constraints * Committed to providing quality customer service * Demonstrated experience in using imagination to develop new ideas, solutions, or methods * Demonstrated experience in identifying problems and creating the best-suited solutions/alternatives * Demonstrated experience in making sound, well-informed decisions * Demonstrated experience in working well with others in achieving team projects * Demonstrates excellent interpersonal skills and the demonstrated experience to negotiate and find mutually acceptable solutions * Possesses strong written and oral communication skills and expresses ideas and facts to groups and individuals effectively * Displays high standards of ethical conduct * Ability to work flexible schedule * Four-year degree in an IT related field * Demonstrated experience managing Information Technology Professionals * Demonstrated experience managing Software Developers, using C# .NET and or Java/Javascript * Demonstrated experience with object oriented design and development, Web services and SOA * Demonstrated experience providing Enterprise Systems support * Completion of a graduate or advanced degree in business administration, information technology, management information systems or related field from an accredited college or university. * Demonstrated experience working in the Transportation industry, private or government framework. * Knowledge of current Web technology including complex HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JQuery * Experience with SharePoint 2010 or 2013 SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: * Possession of Project Management Professional (PMP), Six Sigma, or Agile/SCRUM certification * Possession of Professional Microsoft or Oracle Certifications * Demonstrated experience in managing project schedules within Oracle Primavera * Demonstrated experience in overseeing 3 rd party vendors/outsourced development contracts, change requests/task orders, or support agreements * Demonstrated experience with integrating and supporting third party solutions * Knowledge of SQL (TOAD/SQL Developer) IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL GDOT JOBS The interview is just one part of the overall selection process and is not the only criteria used to make the final selection. In addition to the interview, the final selection is based on the applicant’s work history and performance (documented in HR and/or Office files), PeopleSoft/employee status (i.e. rehire code), employee performance reviews, personnel file review (HR & Office Files), criminal background check, employment reference checks (including references and commendations from Managers and other relevant documentation) and, for supervisory positions, demonstrated leadership skills based on past and current work history will be considered. Good Employment Standing: In accordance with the Interview and Selection Process (ISP), an applicant must have no active disciplinary actions to be in good employment standing. Actions that may disqualify an applicant include letters of reprimand (active for 12 months after issuance date); suspension without pay or disciplinary demotion (active for 12 months from the effective date); Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and Leave Restriction Plans (active until 12 months after the date of conclusion). In addition, an employee must have an overall e-Performance rating score of three (3) or higher on their most current evaluation. Please note that Memorandums of Concern are not considered disqualifying factors. Human Resources may remove any employee from consideration for selection who is pending a disciplinary action; however, if the action is resolved in the employee’s favor, he or she will be allowed to compete. THIS IS AN INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL JOB ANNOUNCEMENT THIS IS AN UNCLASSIFIED POSITION. THE SELECTED APPLICANT FOR THE POSITION WILL BE SUBJECT TO A REFERENCE CHECK AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK, WHERE APPLICABLE PLEASE INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT JOB INFORMATION ON THE APPLICATION FOR CONSIDERATION. ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE PRESCREENED. UPON PROMOTION, THE SELECTED CANDIDATE WILL RECEIVE 10% or THE GDOT JOB SPECIFIC MINIMUM SALARY, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. GDOT IS AN EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Qualifications: Bachelors degree in a related field and three years of related experience OR Associate degree in a related field and five years of related experience OR Seven years of related experience OR One year at the lower level or position equivalent (ITP041).

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