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Automation Simulation Engineer

Southfield MI Comau LLC

The Simulation Engineer for fulfillment cooperates with proposal (pre-sales) and engineering resources to design, propose and verify throughput simulation that a certain robotized automatic cell or line respects the requirements.

The Simulation Engineer for fulfillment shows knowledge in the area of logistics, fulfillment, packaging, palletizing/depalletizing and correlated areas.  Knowledge in cycle time and process optimization is also preferred.


Main areas of responsibilities are:

  • Participates in the proposal (pre-sales) phase in designing the best automation solution supporting proposal engineers, sales and business development.
  • Programs robots offline in a simulation environment to verify reach, accessibility, collision avoidance and cycle time of a solution.
  • Provides the team with a precise estimation of the cycle time and robot movements for an automatic cell.
  • Supports the team in developing improved manufacturing processes to achieve the required production output.
  • Supports the component selection (e.g., robots, 7th axis slides, conveyors, buffers, robotic end-effectors).
  • Defines human and robotic operations in a semi-automatic or automatic cell/line.
  • Verifies throughput discrete event simulation (DES) the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposal solution whether in the proposal phase or in a more advanced engineering phase.
  • Effectively use historical data analysis for DES model inputs
  • Performs data collection, data analysis, and preparation of model specifications.
  • Collect existing manufacturing process and system performance data based on project needs
  • Develops and/or updates computer-based simulation models of material handling systems
  • Setups and administers simulation scenarios and experiment statistical run.
  • Performs, presents, and interprets simulation results to Comau colleagues.

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