Data Scientist – Developmental

Washington, DC Department of Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is recruiting a Data Scientist in the Developmental Career Track to support a range of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives in the DHS Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Office of the Chief Data Officer Directorate. These positions are in the DHS Cybersecurity Service.

As a Data Scientist at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) within the DHS Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), within the Office of the Chief Data Officer Directorate, you will play a pivotal role in utilizing your advanced technical expertise to address intricate data-related issues. This will involve crafting inventive solutions with a significant national reach, encompassing the creation and application of bespoke algorithms, methodologies, and strategies for data collection, management, and analysis. Your contributions will be vital in developing highly efficient solutions that bolster essential DHS initiatives.

As an employee in the Developmental Track, you will continually and proactively participate in learning activities to enhance and apply your developing expertise to perform a range of routine tasks, including:

  • Building an understanding for and applying knowledge to develop data management standards, policies, and procedures and facilitate and implement effective data mining and warehousing programs for collecting, cleaning, converting and standardizing complex data for analysis.
  • Supporting hypothesis testing using statistical processes, and applying quantitative techniques (e.g., descriptive and inferential statistics, sampling, experimental design) to assess the validity of source data and develop strategic insights from large data sets.
  • Engaging systems analysts, engineers, and programmers to aid in the design of applications for integrating data from several disparate sources and using different technologies to provide a unified data view.
  • Using a variety of tools, including Google Analytics, to monitor web data, log data, and threat data analytics, to provide a managed flow of relevant information based on cybersecurity mission requirements.
  • Supporting teams to analyze and define data requirements and specifications for using various tools and methodologies (e.g., Statistical Package for Social Sciences [SPSS], Statistical Analysis System [SAS], R Analytics, Statistics and Data [STATA]) to discover new patterns and behaviors and provide DHS Headquarters (HQ) and/or Component stakeholders actionable recommendations.
  • Planning for anticipated changes in enterprise data capacity requirements and effectively allocating storage capacity in the design of new data management systems, technologies, and architectures.
  • Providing support for collecting metrics and trending data using enterprise data management systems (e.g., SPLUNK) and cloud-based systems (e.g., AWS).
  • Using data visualization tools (e.g., R, Tableau, Flare, Google Visualization Application Programming Interface [API], RGIS) to design charts and exhibit graphic representations for the purposes of providing actionable recommendations to critical leadership officials and stakeholders.
  • Learning and using various tools (e.g., SPSS, SAS, R, STATA) and methodologies for analyzing and interpreting complex data to discover new patterns and behaviors and provide usable information to decision makers and other users.
  • Building an understanding for the field of data science, mathematics, and statistics to enhance and keep expertise fresh.

This position is in the Developmental Track at the Associate Cybersecurity Specialist level. At this level, individuals generally:

  • Have 2+ years of cybersecurity work experience
  • Are capable of serving as a cybersecurity professional with some experience who applies still-burgeoning technical expertise to perform routine work with significant supervision and clear guidance.

DHS Cybersecurity Service employees with a technical capability in Data Science will generally:

  • Examine data with the goal of providing new insight for the purposes of cybersecurity.
  • Design and implement custom algorithms, flow processes and layouts for complex, enterprise-scale data sets used for modeling, data analytics, and research purposes.
  • Apply understanding of cybersecurity field to inform analytical methodologies and algorithms selected for implementation.
  • Design, build, implement, integrate, and maintain systems and tools for data trend and pattern analysis of cyber data.
  • Apply knowledge of statistics and mathematical theory to develop and integrate new and emerging technologies, such as machine learning and deep learning concepts and techniques.
  • Communicate insights gained to mission user.

DHS Cybersecurity Service employees start at career levels and salaries matching their experience and expertise. In recruiting for these opportunities, DHS may hire employees at higher or lower career levels and associated salaries.

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This position is focused on Data Science.

DHS Cybersecurity Service jobs are structured cybersecurity specializations – called technical capabilities.

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