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Database Administrator

Gaithersburg, Maryland KMM Technologies


Job Description:

Principal Core Duties/Role Description
* The DBA must have extensive knowledge of Financial Systems.
* DBA must have extensive knowledge of Oracle’s web application technology, Drupal, PHP, and MySQL. :
* Installation and administration of new software – It is primarily the job of the DBA to install new versions of Oracle’s fusion middleware, application software, and other software related to the web application tier; and Drupal, PHP, MySQL using source code version control software (i.e., git, gitlab), and Jenkins for BSD’s Portal
* Administration and installation of Oracle forms, reports and web content.3
* Configuration of hardware and software with the system administrator – In many cases the system software can only be accessed by the system administrator. In this case, the DBA must work closely with the system administrator to perform software installations, and to configure hardware and software so that it functions optimally with the DBMS.
* Security administration – One of the main duties of the DBA is to monitor and administer DBMS security. This involves adding and removing users, administering quotas, auditing, and checking for security problems.
* Data analysis – The DBA will frequently be called on to analyze the data stored in the database and to make recommendations relating to performance and efficiency of that data storage. This might relate to the more effective use of indexes, execution plans, or other DBMS specific features.
* Database design (preliminary) – The DBA is often involved at the preliminary database-design stages. Through the involvement of the DBA, many problems that might occur can be eliminated. The DBA knows the DBMS and system, can point out potential problems, and can help the development team with special performance considerations.
* Data modeling and optimization – By modeling the data, it is possible to optimize the system layout to take the most advantage of the I/O subsystem
* Oracle’s authentication and LDAP administration.
* IT security Securely configure all components of the application to conform to Center for Internet Security/ Defense Information Systems Agency (CIS/DISA recommended best practices.
* Performance Tuning Work with application developers and Oracle support to tune the Java virtual machine (JVM) and other components of the Web Logic service to perform optimally.
* Administer Oracle’s Portal and/or Web Center; and BSD’s Drupal Portal.
* Serve as backup for other financial system DBAs

Minimum experience required
* 3 years of experience as a DBA, within the last 5 years

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