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Director of Data Science

Data Science at Red Ventures:
Data drives everything at Red Ventures. We are maniacal about metrics
and in a continuous race to find ways to mine, manipulate and collect
data that will give us a significant advantage over our competition.
We re a tight-knit, fast-paced and even faster-growing team working
with a large amount of complete and powerful data. From identifying
opportunities to creating and deploying tests and solutions in real
time settings, the Data Science team at Red Ventures drives growth for
every aspect of our multi-billion-dollar business.
The Director of Data Science will be responsible for contributing to
ongoing data science efforts, growing and scaling the data science
team, and identifying significant business opportunities where data
science can help. You ll help us better leverage our full funnel of
data to optimize our existing businesses, guide decisions, and set a
data science strategy that will secure our position not just as a
partner to clients but as a leader in the industry.
Red Ventures is a highly collaborative, fast-paced, results-driven
atmosphere, which means you ll also be counted on to mentor and guide
less experienced data science analysts and serve as a business
interface for the data science team by working with business teams to
identify potential opportunities and to report progress on
And, just in case that didn t sound like enough fun, we ll also expect
you to dive into our entire business model, creating and expanding
expertise in digital marketing and customer acquisition so that you
can continue to maximize the impact of Data Science at Red Ventures.
What RV Expects From You
* Experience in:
* Statistical modeling, machine learning and optimization as a
data scientist or team leader (7+ years). MS/PhD degree in
related field preferred.
* Mentoring and developing data scientists (2+ years).
Managerial experience of leading a data science team
* Leading the development and deployment of data science
solutions for digital marketing or e-commerce in a
production environment, especially in real-time settings.
* Proficiency at:
* Assessing the value/risk of data science driven business
* Balancing the short-term business needs with the technology
needs across the company
* Translating business opportunities into data science
problems that align closely with business and company-wide
* Communicating and working with a broad audience (business
leaders, analysts, data scientists, engineers)
* More technical things here??
What You Should Expect From RV
* Culture that is:
* Constantly evolving and in a state of high growth
* Opportunities to:
* Grow as a programmer with support from our data science
engineers in languages such as Scala, Python, and R
* Influence the direction of our in-house technologies that
support our optimization solutions
* Scope out what the right work to be doing is
* Work with a variety of companies and industries
* Turn data science solutions into products as opposed to
consistently working on one-off solutions
Red Ventures Overview:
Red Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of digital companies
that specializes in bringing consumers and brands together. Through
bespoke technology, integrated digital commerce and sales,
distinguished partnerships, data science, and original content from
the company s proprietary brands and marketplaces, Red Ventures
provides better end-to-end consumer experiences throughout the buying
cycle. Headquartered in the Charlotte metro area, Red Ventures has
more than 3,600 employees globally in offices across the US, UK, and
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