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Programmer / Analyst

Fargo, ND American Farm Bureau Insurance Services, Inc.

DEPARTMENT: Information Systems

POSITION OBJECTIVE: Analyzes software that will give AFBIS, Inc. users the ability to maintain information that is necessary for production and processing. Perform programming projects as directed by the Supervisor(s).

REPORTS TO: Programming Supervisor


  • Analyzes computer programs as to allow users to efficiently and quickly maintain information required for processing lines of business serviced by AFBIS, Inc.
  • Analyzes computer programs to provide report information to users based on information stored in computer systems.
  • Prepares formalized user documentation and help screens to assist the user in the operation of software developed by AFBIS, Inc.
  • Prepares, or receives from Supervisor(s), detailed workflow chart and diagram to illustrate sequence of steps that program must follow and to describe input, output, and logical operations involved.
  • Analyzes workflow chart and diagram.
  • Confers with supervisor and representatives of departments to resolve questions of program intent, data input, output requirements, and inclusion of internal checks and controls.
  • Converts detailed logical flow chart to language that can be processed by the computer.
  • Develops and performs a testing process that ensures accurate systems prior to implementation.
  • Observes computer monitor screen to interpret program operating codes.
  • Corrects program errors, using methods such as modifying program or altering sequence of program steps.
  • Analyzes, reviews, and rewrites programs to increase operating efficiency or to adapt program to new requirements.
  • Must be able to utilize available development tools effectively.
  • Must have the ability to identify requirements for basic projects.
  • Other duties as assigned.

RELATIONSHIPS: Works on a daily basis with other team members of the Programming Department. Works with other AFBIS team members and staff as needed. Participate as an employee and representative of AFBIS, Inc. in a professional and courteous manner.

EDUCATION OR TRAINING REQUIRED: Bachelor Degree or Programming Degree with 3 years of programming experience and score an acceptable on programming aptitude exam administered by the company prior to hiring.

EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED: Must be self-directed and have the ability to analyze programming assignments, develop changes with minimal supervision. Must have excellent oral and written communication skills and be willing to work in a team environment with other programmers on assigned projects, including supporting other programmers with assignments.

PREFERRED EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/TRAINING/SKILLS:, RPG, or Crop Insurance knowledge is beneficial.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The position requires sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods of time and data entry with a computer keyboard and mouse.

NOTE: AFBIS is willing to consider various levels of experience and skills  from entry up to senior level software developers for this opening.

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