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Scrum Master – Senior Manager, HR Digital Products

London England Boston Consulting Group


To realize our digital transformation, we need to transform our products, experiences, processes, technology and how we operate. Delivering our clients unrivalled experience of exceptional service, value and flexibility is part of our DNA. We are looking for people who are passionate about Agile ways of working and want to spread Scrum framework across our teams and business processes.

The Scrum Master will be a change agent that can work with people and teams to help them improve and deliver their best work. You will work directly in Squads to advise and oversee performance against Agile values, practices and ceremonies such as stand ups, sprint planning and retrospectives. Working with Product Owners, you will be a key player in managing the work of multiple Squads by maintaining the backlog, facilitating Agile ceremonies and making sure your Squads are practicing true Agile working practices. You will monitor the Squad's team performance and help identify continuous improvement opportunities to help the team work better and smarter.

You will support the “new way of working” and Agile principles and practices at the Scrum meetings. You will also be highly skilled in communicating with diverse teams, quickly understanding group dynamics and not being afraid to raise issues and drive change to remove impediments from teams.

Among your responsibilities, you will:

  • Enable the organization’s new way of working
    • Modelling behaviors to support the organization’s transformation to a new way
      of working
    • Actively creating and maintaining the culture within the Squad based on the organization and Agile leadership behaviors
    • Embedding the “nervous system” of the new way of working (e.g., cross-functional collaboration, etc.) within your Squads
  • Work with squads to embed and reinforce Agile practices and behaviors
    • Work with senior leadership to facilitate and lead Agile ways of working within the squads
    • Being primary person responsible for facilitating and leading the running of an Agile ceremonies such as sprint planning, stand ups, retrospectives and other Agile ceremonies across multiple Squads
  • Providing thought leadership and constructive feedback as a SME to team members to help drive Agile maturity, knowledge and effective communication
  • Partner with your Product Owner manage and prioritize work through the backlog and manage other scrum artifacts
    • Reviewing and managing backlog items to ensure the latest work status is captured and updated as appropriate
    • Ensuring work is appropriately balanced across team members and that all work is captured within the backlog
  • Enable Squads to realize their mission and deliver on their KPIs
    • Driving members to anticipate and resolve potential blockers (e.g., resource constraints that prevent the Squad from doing its best work)
    • Ensuring that Squads and Tribes are interacting with dependent stakeholders effectively (e.g., with Senior Leadership, Tribe Leads and Product Owners)
    • Maintaining and updating squad process metrics and artifacts to ensure accurate and transparent communications to Product Owner and other stakeholders
    • Creating burn-down charts to measure squad output over time and track Squad output through dashboards and other reporting systems
  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities and best practices to progress the work of the squad
    • Engaging and partnering with Agile Coaches to help identify and deliver against training needs to support Agile practices
    • Observing and engaging with individual Squad members to identify opportunities to improve Agile performance and effectiveness


  • Living agile culture and values and spreading your passion for them among other teams
  • Supporting people, regardless of seniority, to adjust to and embrace scrum ways of working
  • Sharing and transmitting passion and in-depth knowledge about Agile principles and are excited to embed them across the organization
  • Applying innovative and creative thinking in order to solve complex problems and get things done
  • Bringing a data-driven approach to decision making, both in day-to-day management and in making strategic trade-offs
  • Problem solving difficult and complex problems, typically within ambiguous and non-structured settings, and transforming obstacles into big opportunities
  • Discerning what is and what is not, influencing others to follow the correct path, even if they want to experiment “different scrum”
  • Developing relationships, engaging and influencing stakeholders broadly, including senior leaders, to direct business outcomes
  • Communicating with empathy and influencing others broadly within your area of responsibility
  • Being recognized as an agile role model: you work collaboratively, you show courage, you take responsibility, you have confidence, you speak out, you are creative, and you simplify
  • Dealing with people because you have excellent people management skills: listening, motivating, observing, giving and receiving feedback helps individuals and teams grow

You Have The Ability To:

  • Embed and foster Agile ways of working at the Squad level by enabling effective teaming, and address dependencies and impediments impacting the Squad's work
  • Proactively advise, facilitate, and coach your Squads
  • In depth knowledge of Agile methodologies and ways of working; ability to expertly run Agile ceremonies across multiple Squads
  • Draw on substantial experience working with or as part of Agile teams and be viewed as a subject matter expert on core Agile methodologies and ways of working across the Tribe
  • Draw on best practices and develop creative solutions to address challenges facing Squad
  • Strategic understanding of how Squad priorities and output impact Tribe, function, and enterprise success; in depth understanding of relevant organizational processes, context, procedures, and systems; and strong understanding of core business and tech concepts driving the Squad's work
  • Use experience and training to proactively and independently address challenges facing Squad, with limited support from Agile Coach
  • Use data, observation, and analytical skills to proactively identify opportunities for continuous improvement in Squad teaming and delivery, develop proposed solutions, and share knowledge and best practices across Squads
  • Devise creative and viable solutions to complex challenges facing Squad, including impediments and inefficiencies with ambiguous causes (e.g., identifying causes of perpetual delays), leveraging the Agile Coach as needed
  • Develop relationships of trust with Squad members, Product Owner, and other key stakeholders (e.g., Chapter Leads, other Scrum Masters) to advance the Squad's work
  • Proactively and effectively communicate, persuade, influence, and negotiate on behalf of Squad in dealing with Tribe stakeholders to address interdependencies and impediments
  • Ability to navigate the wider organization to solve blockers and impediments to enable the Squad's ways of work
  • Have developed exceptionally high emotional intelligence and people skills to be able to understand group dynamics and not be afraid to raise issues and drive change to remove impediments from Squads
  • Mentor and guide Scrum masters as needed
  • Own core accountabilities and decisions
  • Refine existing and develop new processes to support the team
  • Coach individual Squad members to drive continuous improvement and support new ways of working
  • Drive change within Squad and be a top contributor to the Squad's success


  • Total 7+ years’ relevant Agile experience (e.g.,Scrum Master, Agile Coach/ Mentor) in 1 or more organizations
  • Agile Certifications, preferably (PSM I + PSM II) or Scrum Alliance (Certified Scrum Master)
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a relevant field preferred
  • Deep understanding of agile software delivery, the path to production and other operational aspects
  • Deep knowledge of other Agile frameworks (Crystal, XP, DevOps etc.)
  • Extensive Experience with JIRA / Confluence or other software to manage agile programs
  • Practical knowledge of various coaching tools in team management
  • Good understanding of technology enabled business transformation, Digital transformation, Organizational transformation, delivering enterprise-level IT and Digital projects
  • Exceptional communications and stakeholder management skills
  • Experience in consulting is a plus
  • Experience in HR Learning is a plus


  • Different product squads within BCG, to help in the development of digital products
  • Product Owners, to teach them how agile works and to make the most of this new framework
  • Other Scrum Masters within BCG, to share best practices and ensure alignment between teams and a culture
  • Agile Coaches, with whom you will share passion about Agile ways of working and with whom you will shape promote business agility (within your teams and in the whole company)

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