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Senior Program Manager

Englewood, Colorado Dish Network

DISH is a Fortune 250 company with more than $14 billion in annual revenue that continues to redefine the communications industry. Our legacy is innovation and a willingness to challenge the status quo, including reinventing ourselves. We disrupted the pay-TV industry in the mid-90s with the launch of the DISH satellite TV service, taking on some of the largest U.S. corporations in the process, and grew to be the fourth-largest pay-TV provider. We are doing it again with the first live, internet-delivered TV service – Sling TV – that bucks traditional pay-TV norms and gives consumers a truly new way to access and watch television.

Now we have our sights set on upending the wireless industry and unseating the entrenched incumbent carriers.

We are driven by curiosity, pride, adventure, and a desire to win – it’s in our DNA. We’re looking for people with boundless energy, intelligence, and an overwhelming need to achieve to join our team as we embark on the next chapter of our story.

Opportunity is here. We are DISH.

As with all roles at DISH, but perhaps even more so, we are looking for individuals who:

Have EIN (energy, intelligence, need to achieve).

Live the PAW (pride, adventure, winning).

Understand and follow the 5 Golden Rules of DISH.

This is a small team with a lot to do and there’s no room for anyone without a ‘do whatever it takes’ mindset.

A successful Senior Project Manager, Fiber Internet will have or be the following:

A history of high performance at DISH.

High degree of street smarts, resourcefulness – someone not easily deterred.

An ability to understand technical concepts easily.

Strong communication, presentation, and sales skills.

Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

Critical thinking and analytical skills and be a team player.

As its core satellite TV business matures, DISH has been looking to continue growing via new businesses, which leverage its formidable assets and abilities. SlingTV and wireless are two such examples. More recently, DISH has become a fiber internet provider to apartment building across America. As internet consumption has exploded in recent years, many companies – both large and small, both old and new – see fiber as the new internet technology and are vying for a share of this growing market. For DISH, fiber may make even more sense given its other recent new initiatives. Very high speed internet is a natural partner for OTT video services such as SlingTV. Also, fiber is used not only as a medium for internet service but also as a backbone for wireless networks.

DISH has launched two trial properties in 2018 and is expecting to see massive growth over the next 5 years. The primary goals of the trial are to learn the technology, the economics, and the acquisition processes of being a fiber ISP. As the trials are proving successful, the Fiber Internet Team needs a highly motivated individual with strong project management skills to help build the entire business and processes to deliver on our large growth expectations.

Job responsibilities for the Fiber Internet Team fall into the following categories:

Coordinating with CSC/IHS to secure agent and installation resources, with Product/IHS on the design and architecture of systems, with IT/Salesforce on tools and business rules, with Legal on contracts, with Finance on economics, and with Commercial in various ways.

– Become the point person for all teams involved for communication, direction and execution.
– Developing the tools necessary to project manage the cross departmental teams involved in creating a new business unit.

As this is a start-up environment, the roles of the individuals within the team (of 6) will be fluid. More structure and definition may evolve over time.

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