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Senior Software Engineer

Charlotte, North Carolina Request Technology - Kyle Honn


*Permanent full time role*


* Participates in inceptions and iteration planning meetings, infusing backlogs with technical input working in close partnership with the product manager
* Leads and participates in retrospectives; demonstrating and encouraging each participant to provide feedback with empathy
* Partners in collaboration and strategy alignment across product portfolios (cross-product) in partnership with product managers, other peers and key stakeholders with the customer needs and wants in mind
* Participates in the effort of shaping the architecture and design of the product; actively helps the team in choosing the right technology, solving technical problems,
* Coaches the team and leads daily practices of using paired programming and test-driven development in writing software and building products
* Establishes continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment pipelines and practices


* Bachelor’s degree in a technical field
* 5+ years of developing and implementing systems at scale preferred
* Strong understanding of computer science concepts, object-oriented design principles
* Experience in responsive web Front End/single page application development using modular JavaScript, React including apps targeted for mobile devices
* Experience developing continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment pipelines for distributed apps. Git and Jenkins a plus.
* Knowledge and experience on approaches and tools for automated testing and monitoring
* Experience working in an eXtreme Programming (XP) or agile environment
* Experience in Test Driven Development; including knowledge and experience in testing frameworks like junit, mockito, jasmine, enzyme, jest and other like technologies
* Strong understanding of distributed systems, operating systems, networking, databases, security, and analytics
* Experience developing software in different programming languages, and demonstrated ability to quickly learn new languages, preferred languages Javascript, Java (Spring), Python and C# on Microsoft Core
* Experience in developing REST APIs versioning, service discovery/registration, testing and management; experience using API gateways a plus
* Experience with web and API security including authentication, authorization, OAuth, OWASP, OpenID, and SAML
* Experience in Back End development design and implementation; database (relational, NoSQL, caching) and messaging, implementation and optimization

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