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Software Engineer – Senior

Software Engineer – Senior Jobs in Long Beach at Boeing
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Software Engineer – Senior

Company The Boeing Company Job ID ********** Date posted 08/27/2018
Location Long Beach California United States

Job Description

The Boeing Company is seeking Software Engineers in support of a Flight Electronics Tools Development Team. This position will part of a team of SW Engineers with diverse backgrounds and skill levels. The successful candidate will support the full development life cycle. This includes requirements development, design, code, test, integration, formal qualification / certification of software tools that will be used in the development and deployment of electronic systems.


– Leads activities to develop, document and maintain architectures, requirements, algorithms, interfaces and designs for software systems.

– Leads development of code and integration of complex software components into a fully functional software system.

– Develops software verification plans, test procedures and test environments, executing the test procedures and documenting test results to ensure software system requirements are met

– Provides technical leadership for software projects and leads software supplier management activities.

– Leads development, selection, tailoring and deployment of processes, tools and metrics. Plans, executes and documents software research and development projects.

– Serves as a subject matter expert for software domains, system-specific issues, processes and regulations.

– Serves as a subject matter expert for software domains, system-specific issues, processes and regulations.

– Tracks and evaluates software team and supplier performance to ensure product and process conformance to project plans and industry standards.

– Works under minimal direction.

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes and defense, space and security systems. We are engineers and technicians. Skilled scientists and thinkers. Bold innovators and dreamers. Join us, and you can build something better for yourself, for our customers and for the world.

Engineering Test and Tech
Relocation Assistance Available
No. Relocation assistance is not a negotiable benefit.

This position requires the ability to obtain a U.S. Security Clearance for which the U.S. Government requires U.S. Citizenship.

Basic Qualifications (Required Skills & Experience):

– Responsible for all phases of the Utilities software development life cycle; software requirements, design, code, test, integration and qualification / certification in accordance with DO178C/DO330/DO200B.

– Develops and maintains code and integrates software components into a fully functional software system.

– Develops software verification plans, test procedures and test environments, executing the test procedures and documenting test results to ensure software system requirements are met.

– Develops, selects, tailors and deploys software processes, tools and metrics. Executes and documents software research and development projects.

– Knowledge/experience with object oriented analysis and design methods, with coding experience in Java.

– Must have experience working in Java and XML technologies.

– Strong skills with Linux/UNIX development and deployment environments.

– Strong leadership skills and ability to communicate with stakeholders of different backgrounds and skill levels.

– Proficient with Agile Software Development methodologies.

Preferred Qualifications (Desired Skills & Experience):

– Experience with HTML5 web applications, web services, cloud deployments, UI development, microservice architecture/design, Test Driven Development (TDD), and/or Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a plus.

– Familiarity with Atlassian Suite (Jira, BitBucket, Bamboo, Confluence) is a plus.

– DO178C/DO330 or Safety Critical Software experience is beneficial, but not required.

Typical Education/ Experience:

Degree and typical experience in engineering classification: Bachelor’s and 9 or more years’ experience, Master’s with 7 or more years’ experience or PhD with 4 or more years’ experience. Bachelor, Master or Doctorate of Science degree from an accredited course of study, in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or chemistry. ABET is the preferred, although not required, accreditation standard.

This position is based in Long Beach, CA. Relocation benefit is not available.

Experience Level
Individual Contributor
Job Type
Yes, 25 % of the Time
Contingent Upon Program Award
Job Code

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