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Sr. Network Engineer

TAMPA FL Frontier Communication

This position is responsible for the application of engineering design and policies within a telecommunications local exchange service environment. Subject matter expert of for all technical aspects of outside plant facilities and associated work such as cable sizing, cable counts, cable records and permitting in Rights-of-Way and dedicated easements. This position works in partnership with Network Planning, Central Office Engineering, and various Operation’s Teams to support customer service issues, new growth activity and coordination, damaged facilities, emergency repairs and replacements, and upgrades of the telecommunications facilities within the engineer’s area of responsibility.

This position provides significant internal and external project management for new growth construction associated with outside plant activity. This includes being simultaneously involved with various developers and engineering firms from the design stages, through establishing service need dates and estimated construction completion schedules to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. This position also supports Sales & Marketing, Operations, and Regulatory Departments on a regular basis.  

This position responsibility also includes;

  • Engineer, design and prepare project prints and update mapping records.  Prepare project justifications for approvals.  Coordinate circuit designs with ISP planners/engineers.
  • Maintain inter-company relations to provide the information needed by Sales & Marketing, Regulatory and Operations for special projects. (pre-quals, BDT, boundary information, easement, and ROW recording and service orders)
  • Prepare and monitor the capital budget plan in relation to areas of responsibility. 
  • Prepare cost estimates for SIFT Tickets, BDTs, and other CIAC (billable) projects. 
  • Apply for all permits as required (Florida Department of Transportation, EPA, CSX RR, and multiple County and City Permitting Departments)
  • Maintain and investigate R.O.W, easements, vacate requests and private property issues.
  • Maintain relations and communications with outside agencies, such as local planning commissions and developers. These responsibilities include; attend design and pre-construction meetings with State, County, City, and Developers to stay abreast of changes, growth, planning, and permitting requirements for each serving exchange.
  • Proactive review of outside plant facilities to determine necessary upgrades and enhancements
  • Communicate with state, county, city, and national indices to gain information on planned projects that involve growth and changes
  • Coordinate with developers and Operation’s Teams for project design and construction to utilize joint trench wherever possible
  • Communicate with all peers and departments to ensure proper project planning
  • Maintain accurate cable records and updates 
  • Prepare loop studies as needed
  • Respond to DOR’s to meet service needs
  • Work with Operations in the review of JIMs, Contractor Invoices, and Investment Summaries as needed.   
  • Research and respond to daily SIFT Tickets and escalations.
  • Project management oversight of all OSP capital construction activities to ensure conformance to requirements.

Required Skills

Required for this position are basic computer skills and working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. Knowledge and understanding of outside plant tasks and accounting guidelines. Frontier Systems (to include FROGS, M6, DPI, Infinium, Varasset, Q-port) will be utilized daily in this position.

Key elements needed to ensure success within this position include; Organizational skills, strong communication skills (written and verbal), and a strong customer relation ability will be utilized in achieving desired results. Strong knowledge of Outside Plant Facilities and Construction techniques, as well as project management experience, are a plus for this position. Experience in researching private property easement documentation and permitting with local, state, and federal entities is a strongly recommended skill set for this position.

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