Programmer Writer

Seattle WA Aquent

We are looking for a Programmer Writer to join our managed service with the Cloud + Enterprise (C+E) Skilling content team, which supports Azure, SQL, Power BI, Visual Studio, and related content.

In this role, you will be responsible for working on a variety of content tasks and deliverables. The work could include various content deliverables (i.e. getting started, quick starts, how to, tutorials, samples, concepts, interactive training, and reference documentation) with products and services in the following SQL and Azure areas: Compute, Databases, Containers, Networking, Storage, Data + Analytics, Developer Tools, IoT, Security & Identity, Monitoring & Management, and Web + Mobile. Other content deliverables could be with Power BI or Visual Studio. Check out for sample content (Azure, SQL, Visual Studio, etc.).

Sample tasks could include:
• Updating and improving existing content, developing new content, and ensuring the content adheres to Microsoft’s content standards, principles, and style
• Creating code samples for tutorials
• Working on a content freshness pass, which includes testing functionality and samples in multiple languages (i.e., C#/.NET, Python, Node.js, Java, and other languages). This involves stepping through each procedure, testing and validating steps, updating the steps, and updating screenshots, as well as ensuring key customer tasks are documented
• Testing getting-started scenarios or tutorials
• Updating content for SEO (i.e., update title, H1 heading, metadata description)
• Cleaning up and resolving documentation issues (i.e., retiring and redirecting topics) for functionality and consistency

Qualifications required:
• 3+ years of experience writing for a technical audience such as developers
• Working knowledge or experience in two of the following programming languages or areas: C#/.NET, Java, Node.js, Python
• Azure, SQL Server and Big Data, relational and non-relational database skills a plus
• Experience with Markdown and GitHub preferred
• Proactive communicator and flexibility to work on a variety of projects
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Technical Communications, or Information Technology, or equivalent work experience

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