Django/Python Web Developer

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* 3+ years of experience with a solid understanding of Red Hat-based, CentOS-base systems and Apache-based webservers.
* Expertise in Django, Python.
* Experience in Ansible, Puppet, Jenkins and build automation deployment.

Duties will include:

1.Provide software development, continuous integration, software delivery, systems administration, software quality, and systems documentation support to digital assets, including the bureaus public-facing web site, *******************, as well as internal software tools.;

2.Meet with the Application Development Team and content contributors to develop and discuss strategies and plans for web products, to analyze web content needs, and to propose ways the web products can address those needs;

3.Create web applications and web services using various web programming languages including Python, Django, WordPress, PHP;

4.Assist with the management and development of website, including modifying the WordPress core and plugins, and developing custom WordPress plugins;

5.Help launch, maintain, monitor, and market public data Application Programming Interface (API);

6.Perform administration to Red Hat-based and CentOS-based systems and Apache-based web servers to include troubleshooting, monitoring and proactive problem fixing and documentation.;

7.Assist in both the architectural and visual modernization and maintenance of the website;

8. Assist in building a strong technical foundation in build, release and environments using continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and infrastructure provisioning tools such as Chef, Puppet, Ansible;

9. Assist in the maintenance and improvement of knowledge base content;

10. Engage with various agency personnel to understand requirements in order to develop better software and identify new ways in which the development team can easily solve issues;

11.Collaborate with the customer on the design, development, and data teams to build valuable tools that benefit day-to-day operations and broader missions;

12.Provide training on a variety of systems development methodologies and tools to include Agile and Waterfall along with insight into new technologies and solutions that could help the Application Team and the Bureau at large;

13.Assist in the development of Use Cases, Requirements Definition Documents, User and Administration Manuals, Detailed Design Specifications, and Training Manuals and Plans; and

14.Support, maintain and build out the front-end code base using 508- compliant CSS, HTML, JavaScript and related frameworks.

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