Implementation Technology Analyst

CPI Card Group

The Implementations Technology Administrator will work closely with the Director of Product Capabilities to develop and maintain Letters of Acceptance with all major Associations (Visa / MasterCard / Discover / AMEX/ CUP). The Administrator will work closely with the members of the R&D team and the product roadmap Team to certify new products and support prototype projects.  They will also work with the chip technical sales liaison to ensure the Sales teams understand our current certifications and upcoming changes to our support roadmap. They will also manage the re-certifications as they arise in a timely manner so as not to effect customer delivery.

Major Responsibilities:

• Certification or recertification of chips with MC/VISA/AMEX/DISCOVER/CUP to include PVC, Foil, 6 and 8 pin for each chip and for Dual interface products they must also certify for each technology supplier (SPS, Toppan, IFX or any other DI technology suppliers), to include managing the relationships with the associations, technology suppliers, and certified testing laboratories for these services.
• Certification of new modules for production, to include recertification, and for R&D projects – e.g., payment objects.
• Coordinate key exchanges for R&D projects – e.g., biometrics projects
• Act as a project lead to coordinate activities for new client capabilities with CPI internal teams such as coding and perso teams as needed.


• Excellent communication and collaboration skills
• Attention to details is a must
• Must have excellent team working skills and the ability to coordinate efforts across multiple units.
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Visio and PowerPoint
• Understanding of Key Management principles and how they apply to the payment card industry
• Understanding of industry standard Authentication Methods:
o Static Data Authentication (SDA)
o Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA)
o Combined Data Authentication (CDA)
• Understanding of Association Payment Applications:
o Visa Smart Debit/Credit (VSDC)    Paypass M/Chip 4
o M/Chip Advance 1.1    Quick VSDC
o FDC Certiflash     Express Pay 2.0 (Amex)
o Contactless D-PAS 1.0    Interac Flash 1.4
o White label applications    Any new applications as they arise
• Any other job as assigned by the Director of Product Capabilities
• BS with minimum of 2-years’ experience in the Payment Card Industry

Keywords:  Implementations, Project Management, Chip, Smart Cards, payments,


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