User Experience Architect


To provide information architect services for Vanguard’s web applications. To specify how users will find and use information in the site by defining its organization, navigation, labeling, page frameworks and searching systems.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provides information architect services for Vanguard’s web applications. To assist in clarifying the mission and vision for the web, balancing the needs of the business and users. Identifies and resolves issues and risks before proceeding into the planning and requirements phases.
  • Works with other Information Architects, designers, coders, business representatives and usability engineers to define site functionality, organization and navigation solutions, and participates in research efforts to identify user goals and tasks.
  • Develops and writes UI Architecture Strategy and UI Design Principle documents and supporting material. Specifies how users will find and use information in the site by defining its organization, navigation, labeling, page frameworks and searching systems.
  • Conducts architecture reviews to assess impact of proposed systems on UI infrastructure. Reviews project team architecture choices. Monitors project team compliance with architecture principles and strategies and resolves UI issues elevated from project teams.
  • Manages the UI Architecture tasks, activities and deliverables for projects by planning and integrating project schedules, resources, and deliverables with all business, IT and vendor partners.
  • Uses analysis of qualitative and quantitative data such as usage reports, voice of client feedback and competitive data to drive decisions. Maps out how the site will accommodate change and growth over time.
  • Develops, governs and ensures compliance to Vanguard UI Principles and Strategies.
  • Thoroughly understands and complies with IT policies and procedures, especially those for quality and productivity standards that enable the team to meet established client service levels. Thoroughly understands and complies with Information Security policies and procedures.
  • Participates in special projects and performs other duties as assigned.


  • Undergraduate degree in a related field or the equivalent combination of training and experience in human/computer interaction, library/information science, information management or design, or technical communications. Graduate degree preferred.
  • A minimum of five years experience as an Information Architect or User Experience practitioner for large scale web sites with a diverse users.
  • Strong written, oral communication and persuasion skills.
  • Strong analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Experience applying qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques to improve and enhance site, and using site usage data in creating website revisions or enhancements.

Advanced knowledge of the following UI design practices and concepts:

  • Information structure strategy creation
  • Taxonomy
  • User Research
  • Personas and user scenarios
  • Usability Testing
  • Common UI Heuristics and Principles
  • Technical writing
  • Business and user work flows
  • Logical information organization and navigation
  • Prototyping
  • Use case scenarios
  • Quality assurance methodology and Inspections
  • Thoroughly scoped functional requirements and documentation deliverables

Knowledge of the following information technologies:

  • Web Browser Infrastructure (including version compatibility, javascript, DHTML and CSS )
  • Object Oriented and Traditional Programming languages
  • Database Design
  • Internet Infrastructure
  • Web Server Infrastructure

Advanced knowledge of one or more IT platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows NT
  • Web

Advanced knowledge of current versions of the following products:

  • Visio
  • Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Internet Explorer

Special Factors

Vanguard is not offering visa sponsorship for this position.

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